10 November 2016

Overlooking Cairo

Big city life

I took this photo a few years ago, after the revolution in Egypt, during a period when it was relatively calm. I was there for a wedding but had the opportunity to do some sightseeing as well. It is hard to grasp just how big Cairo is, you see the traffic, the people, and you understand that it is big - but it's not until you get up, above the city you really GET it. Absolutely fascinating. I was there in December, and it was relatively comfortable during the day and quite chilly during the night.

I wonder what's become of Cairo since.

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22 June 2016

The last chance

The last chance...

At the end of the world...

Taken in Finistere, France, in late May. It it a small chapel, or is it a lighthouse, and it is the last station before you get to the big wild unknown, the sea that gives and takes. But the doors are shut and the windows on the entrance floor shut tight, will we have a chance to regret before nature takes what's rightfully hers?

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14 June 2016

Harbour view

Harbour View

I took this photo a chilly day in late winter in the harbour of Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg is an old "worker's town", a seaport,  the home of big corporations such as Volvo and SKF. It also used to be a ship building town but the big shipyards closed down long before my time, in the 60-ies, just like the shipyards in many other towns, but you can still hear the stories and you can still see the traces.

The city has a lot in common with cities like Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool.

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12 June 2016

Düsseldorf Oberkasseler Brücke

The road to somewhere

Düsseldorf, Oberkasseler Brücke - Oberkasseler bridge.

There is something about bridges, or, in fact, about everything that has something to do with travelling. Some see it as a way of getting away, I see it as the road to a new adventure.  Is there anything better than going away, on new adventures, discovering new things? I doubt it.

I  am, on top of that, absolutely fascinated with the architecture - the lines, the looks, the materials, the power that keeps it all together. Love love love!

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Mr & Mrs Duck

Mr & Mrs out for a walk.... I took this one by the river in the early spring. I am especially happy about the little pearls of water still on the head of Mr Duck.
Love the tones, I was very lucku that the birds were down by the water and the grass on the bank on the other side was green, it made for a perfect tone in the photo.

The ducks are really mallards, a bird I have always been mesmerised by, and especially the male - the green head is so stunningly beautiful. A friend of the family, when growing up, had a stuffed mallard, and I'd go up and pet the little mallard on the head, carefully, carefully. Bizarre, really, to have stuffed animals in the house, but for me as a kid it was absolutely fascinating.

The river by the way; It's not really a real river, it is more of a stream, it is the Düssel, the stream that gave Düsseldorf (the village by Düssel) its name... 

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Summer love - on Flickr

I had forgotten my Flickr photo stream, it hasn't been active in a long time, but then I found it again...

An unknown couple, photographed in a park. There is something so relaxed about this photo. 

Summer love

Penguins - on Flickr

There are small penguins and there are big ones...
Photo from a few years back, available on Flickr - a photo stream I had forgotten...


10 June 2016

The little blue rowing boat

Row Row Row

The little blue rowing boat, where is it going, and where has it been? Where are its oars?

I took this photo a warm sunny day in May, in Finistere (end of the world), in Britanny (Bretagne), France. There is something about water, and the sea, and there is something about France...

When I see this photo I can almost smell the salty sea water, and most certainly hear the waves rolling in.

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Old wellington boots

Gone for a break

Straight from the farm... The orange/yellow, almost see-through wellington boots were a common sight when I lived in Taichung, Taiwan. For a while I lived up in the mountain and I spent a fair amount of time wandering around in nature, and I often saw the orange boots. They seemed to almost match the soil in at least the Dadu district, and the colour of the sweetpotatoes that were growing in abundance in and around the area... Always fascinated me.  The whole area seem to be matching - the tones are similar, nothing really sticks out and yet everything does.

These old Wellington boots, rubber boots, photographed in Taichung (台中), Taiwan (Dadu district) outside a shed, by a farm.

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The Unknown Path

The pathway - where may it lead us

The path to the unknown... On EyeEm.
Photo taken in northern France, in Hauts-de-France, on a day in September. There is something mysterious about it, with the stone walls, the lamp post and the orange and yellow leaves on the ground and the green on the trees...

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A lonely fisher man at the end of the world

Gone Fishing

A lonely fisherman, on the beach - in Finistere, end of the world, Brittany, France. Available on EyeEm.

I was out in the morning, for a walk. and found this view.

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Lighthouse in France

At the edge of the world

At the edge of the world she is standing there, watching out for us, leading us, telling us where it's safe and where it isn't - well, as far as you can be "safe" on the sea. Out there, the Atlantic, and even with the best boat, there is no land for many many days.

When I am standing there, at the end of the world, I can't help but think about the many men and women that, over the years, have crossed the ocean, also in the days when there was very very little chance of ever coming back - also in the days when you didn't know what kind of life that waited on the other side, but you knew that whatever it was, it couldn't be worse - and then my thoughts wander to those who did want to go but were captured, tied down and shipped over like cattle.

If the ocean could speak, what stories would it tell.

I also can't stop staring out over the waters, hoping and thinking that one day I will spot a shark. I know I won't but I can't stop hoping, those animals have fascinated me since I was a kid.

Taken in Finistere, Bretagne (Britanny) on a May day. I am especially happy about the wave breaking and the lines that this creates.

The hazy skies are contributing to the atmosphere.

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Home to Hönö

On the way to Hönö, the island Photo taken in Sweden, not where my home is, but where it smells familiar from salt and where the seagulls...