14 June 2016

Harbour view

Harbour View

I took this photo a chilly day in late winter in the harbour of Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg is an old "worker's town", a seaport,  the home of big corporations such as Volvo and SKF. It also used to be a ship building town but the big shipyards closed down long before my time, in the 60-ies, just like the shipyards in many other towns, but you can still hear the stories and you can still see the traces.

The city has a lot in common with cities like Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool.

This photo can be purchased, via EyeEm, follow the link/ click on the photo to get to the EyeEm Marketplace. 

Home to Hönö

On the way to Hönö, the island Photo taken in Sweden, not where my home is, but where it smells familiar from salt and where the seagulls...