10 June 2016

Old wellington boots

Gone for a break

Straight from the farm... The orange/yellow, almost see-through wellington boots were a common sight when I lived in Taichung, Taiwan. For a while I lived up in the mountain and I spent a fair amount of time wandering around in nature, and I often saw the orange boots. They seemed to almost match the soil in at least the Dadu district, and the colour of the sweetpotatoes that were growing in abundance in and around the area... Always fascinated me.  The whole area seem to be matching - the tones are similar, nothing really sticks out and yet everything does.

These old Wellington boots, rubber boots, photographed in Taichung (台中), Taiwan (Dadu district) outside a shed, by a farm.

This photo can be purchased, via EyeEm, follow the link to get to the market place/photo

Home to Hönö

On the way to Hönö, the island Photo taken in Sweden, not where my home is, but where it smells familiar from salt and where the seagulls...