21 March 2017

Spring is here

Yellow Flowers

Spring is here or - at least on the way...
There is something absolutely fascinating with the first leaves, the first flowers - the first LIFE, the first signs that winter is actually over. 

Seeing nature coming back to life, it really amazes me, and yet, nature has done this year after year after year, always the same - and a good reason to why we have to take care of our nature, if we mess with the ecosystems, what else do we mess with?

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19 March 2017

Se(a) you in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California

Every time I am here I find myself staring into the sea and out over the ocean, hoping that one day, one day I will see it, one day I will get a look at a Great White.

Not on the beach, nowhere close to the pier, but somewhere, far out there, where they sometimes break the surface chasing for fish, a seal or a sea lion. At least I am told that some days you can spot them.

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16 March 2017

A Wall of Flowers

Along the way

A wall of flowers, one of those old walls completely covered with flowers. This is taken in France, in Bretagne / Brittany in May. Such a wonderful time to be there, when everything is new and fresh, the landscape is absolutely covered in flowers. Brittany has always, ever since I first came here, to Benodet, for windsurfing and SUP (Stand-up paddle) years ago now, had a magical pull on me, I think it is  the old stone houses, the wind in the trees and the overall feeling of being in the middle of a fairytale that does it... 

Brittany is a part of the world one should see - but without stress, the distances are great, the roads and narrow and the food is fantastic - so take your time. Stop and smell  the flowers!

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13 March 2017

Building something?

Construction work or loading?

A building crane, or a loading crane no longer in use. I have always been fascinated with machinery and logistics, as well as angles and lines.

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11 March 2017

Wheat - patterns in nature

Patterns in Nature

There is something about patterns and shapes in nature that never stops fascinating, I love close-ups of nature - it's perfect even when there are imperfections, and it amazes me how, unless we humans destroy the dna of the plants, the same patterns come back again  and again and again and again.

I love the green colour of the fields

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9 March 2017

A bit of pink - tulips

Closeup of a tulip

The close-up of the inside of a tulip, with the fine details, I especially love how the yellow moves over into pink. This photo I had enlarged and framed myself, there is something about the shadows, the way the leaves lean in together, and how the colours shift.

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6 March 2017

I'll leave the lights on for you

Welcome home

I'll leave the lights on for you...

Photo taken a summer night, up in Scandinavia, which you might have guessed from the yellow façade of the house, wooden facades are not very common in Europe outside Scandinavia - more people, fewer trees...

What drew me to this photo was the warm light from the lamp, a lamp that looks antique but has been fitted with electrical power.

There is something so welcoming with the yellow light that is left on when the night falls.

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4 March 2017

The old carousel

Abandoned park

The old carousel, abandoned or waiting for new adventures, more children joining, more happy moments?

I am always attracted to what looks a little bit out of place, or not quite right, and there is something special with carousel horses that were made to carry happy children around, for the moment standing empty. I can imagine the sound of laughter and I imagine the horses missing, longing for that sound. 

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2 March 2017

Let's have a chat

The discussion

I try and keep my eyes open for colours, for situations, for angles that triggers something else. 

I love the intimacy in this photo, two people engaged in a discussion - this is what I, too, enjoy about city life - the random conversations that happen across town.

What makes this photo interesting to me is not just that it's colourful, and the position of the people, I also like the rust and the old paint on the surroundings elements in the foreground.This may just be one of my favourite photos.

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Home to Hönö

On the way to Hönö, the island Photo taken in Sweden, not where my home is, but where it smells familiar from salt and where the seagulls...