6 April 2017

Catching anything?

Any sharks out there?

Every time I get to California I try and get to the beach, to smell the ocean and soak in the atmosphere, get new energy. I don't sunbathe and I don't really go into the water either - but I come for the sea, the ocean.

Somehow I often end up in Santa Cruz - a city I at first glance thought was a bit tacky but then fell in love with.

I also have a secret dream that one day this is where I will see my first real big shark, preferably a Great White - not close to the beach, of course, but a bit further out. I realise chances are very slim, it is not their hunting grounds and even though they exist in the Pacific and are spotted they are normally much further out and in areas where there isn't that much disturbance - and I wouldn't see them.

Last time I was in Santa Cruz I did however joke about it - and learnt from one of the locals that at times you CAN actually see them, much further out, breaching the surface, catching a seal.

Needless to say I spent a lot of my time last time staring out into the water. Because who knows, maybe if I looked long enough.

The fishermen were completely unmoved by my excitement.

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