17 April 2017

Nature awakening

Springtime Parklife

Spring is here and quickly moving in to summer, it is amazing to see how nature comes back to life after hibernating, I love it when the crocuses are starting to show their heads and the first leaves are starting to show on the branches.

There is something absolutely magical about it and yet it happens every year, again and again - it is wonderful to see. I just wish I'd do what I say every year and actually go out and enjoy - however every year when spring comes there is just too much to do, somehow and I seem to forget. Now I have started to leave the camera out because when I do I seem to remember that on a sunny day it is a good thing to go out into nature and photograph.

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Home to Hönö

On the way to Hönö, the island Photo taken in Sweden, not where my home is, but where it smells familiar from salt and where the seagulls...